SOH - Aida

July 18 - August 31 2018
Sydney Opera House - Joan Sutherland Theatre
This is a story of love so strong it defies enemy lines.
This is a story of a kingdom in triumph and a nation in chains.  
This is a story of betrayal.
A new production of Verdi’s historic epic
Aida is the grandest opera of them all: an epic story of love and betrayal, triumph and treason as two ancient powers go to war.
Opera Australia’s new production smashes the limits of traditional stagecraft, using cutting-edge digital LED technology to put the splendour of Ancient Egypt on Sydney’s most famous stage.  
Hear Verdi’s monumental music performed by a magnificent cast, packed with internationally-renowned performers.
You don’t need to speak Italian to feel every minute of this story: from the famous triumphal march to the devastating finale, Verdi’s music speaks to your heart. However, surtitles in English and simplified Chinese are presented above the stage.